“Beauty can be seen in all things, seeing and composing the beauty is what separates the snapshot from the photograph.” – Matt Hardy


Dave Merrow of MERROW PHOTOGRAPHY is a professional photographer who specializes in environmental & studio portraiture of people as well as landscape and wildlife fine art.

His passion for photography began, and continues with nature and landscape capturing his subjects, human and wildlife during their most emotional and special times using a documentary style in his approach. Dave is a graduate of the Commercial Photography program at Sheridan College and over the years has had the good fortune of learning from many of the world’s foremost photographers.

Observing and recording all that happens around us is important to him so that those moments can be shared with those who can also enjoy the wonderful aspects of our world.

He has travelled to every continent with the exception of Antarctica, which he plans to do in the near future. His archival prints are available for sale.



As a documentary photographer, capturing moments and the essence of those fleeting moments best describes Dave’s style. Combining this documentary style with classical portraiture allows him to reflect more than a photograph of a person; it permits him to glimpse into the personality and sense of that person.

Dave’s approach is simple: he uses all forms of light to shape and style the image. He is comfortable shooting in his client’s environment or studio, and he strives to create a fun and collaborative process with his clients. He has a passion to create works of art, and a commitment to exceed expectations.

Contact Dave to discuss your project and opportunities, as well as pricing and availability.


Fine Art

A commercial and portrait photographer by trade, Dave’s passion is Landscape and Wildlife Photography.

Observing and recording all those unique happenings around us is important to him so that those sights and moments can be share with those who can also enjoy the wonderful aspects of nature.
He produces fine art images on gallery quality media for the display and enjoyment of his patrons. Dave has travelled to the far reaches of the planet and brings back images from his travels that he hopes you enjoy as much as he does.

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